I’ve secretly considered myself an artist all my life, with my personal statement on my earliest school report saying ‘I think I am good at art’. In reading the full report I struggled in many other areas of school, but deep inside me, I had that one spark of confidence that would pave my way for a creative future. I gained confidence in drawing, painting, sculpture and music as the years went by, and my supportive family, fostered my talents. The first career I ever longed for, was to decorate plates and pottery, my second was to teach and coach others, my third and final vocation is to live life as an artist.

I studied art throughout my time at school and university and have tried to pay back for my privileged and extensive art education as an art teacher and leader for over 15 years. 2020 will be remembered for a number of reasons, but for me; it is the year of the artist. This was when we hit pause and took a breath, and I reminded myself of my deepest dreams. I took a leap of faith and started the Milan Art Institutes Mastery Program, which has given me the confidence I needed to walk into my destiny as a professional artist.

I think it’s now time to proclaim, that I am living my most colour life, as a professional artist. With an abundance of energy and motivation, I am paving the way for my collectors, friends and family to join me on this quest for beauty, truth and knowledge.

Everyone can learn how to see through an artists eye by studying every detail of an artwork. Let your intuition guide you, feel the vibrations of the colours, touch the texture of the paint, listen to the dream the artist is communicating. Most importantly let yourself feel. Yes, pause and feel.

Living with art that you love will fuel your energy, improve your wellbeing and ultimately remind you to take time to  intimately connect with the important things in life. With an abundance of energy and motivation let’s all DIVE INTO COLOUR and FIND YOUR FREQUENCY. Lets change the world together through art. 

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