Solo Exhibition - Dive into COLOUR with me!

Dive into colour and find your frequency. 

Are you living life in monochrome and on autopilot? Then take a moment to imagine… What if everything you viewed suddenly had a brighter colour? What if you could colour outside of the lines of your life? What if you could intensify every moment and memory with the colours of a rainbow?

Everyone can learn how to see through an artists eye by studying every detail of an artwork, and by watching artworks evolve in videos and by talking about art. Let your intuition guide you, feel the vibrations of the colours, touch the texture of the paint, listen to the dream the artist is communicating. Most importantly let yourself feel. Yes, pause and feel.

My full portfolio is on show during October and November, 2022, at Stourport Civic Centre, Worcestershire UK. There is no better way than to truly see more colours than to visit. Email for a private viewing. 

For a preview please see my instagram account.