• Are old master techniques still relevant? Or should they stay in the past?

    From anonymous artists of 7th century AD, to the Jan van Eyck in the 15th, the invention of oil paint was a turning point in art history. Painting...
  • Patreon - Learn to draw and paint with me

    Patreon - Learn to draw/ paint with me. Whether you want to brush up your skills, be part of a friendly community, or develop a sustainable art career. I am experienced teaching novice artists or advanced, so I can break learning down well. 

    TIER 1- Sketchbook Sanctuary (£5 per month) Join the monthly sketchbook challenge to develop your daily art habit and to brush up on your skills. 

    TIER 2- Painters Delight, including Tier 1. (£10 per month) Join the monthly painting lesson, follow along with an acrylic or oil painting in traditional or modern techniques. 

    TIER 3- TIER 1 + 2 Included. (£40 per month or a one off fee) one-to-one coaching call. To help you break free from what is holding you back. 

    Join a friendly community of artists and receive critiques on work in the group.